Where to Find Hidden Landmarks in NYC

The Empire State Building. Grand Central Terminal. Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. Around the world, people recognize New York City when they see these landmarks. When you stay at The Gotham Hotel, they’re all in your backyard. But if you’re looking to go just a bit off the beaten path, there are plenty more hidden landmarks in New York to discover.

James A. Farley Post Office

In the 1960s, the original Pennsylvania Station was torn down to make way for Madison Square Garden. If you want to see what the original looked like, head just one block away to the Beaux-Arts James A. Farley Post office. It’s graceful columns are one of the only reasons to head over to 8th Avenue at 32nd Street, but the photo opportunity is well worth it.

The Brill Building

Thousands of people pass by the Brill Building every day without a second thought. Behind the Art Deco facade, decades of history took place. Some of the country’s most famous hits were recorded here at renowned music industry offices and studios. Walk in the footsteps of Neil Diamond, Carole King, and more.

The Lyceum Theatre

In Times Square, where old New York has been made new again, the Lyceum Theatre is one of the city’s oldest. Opened in 1903, it’s the oldest continuously operating theatre in Manhattan — and the first to be grated landmark status in 1974. In 2019, you can go to see Be More Chill, a comedy musical based on the 2004 novel by Ned Vizzini.

City Hall Subway Station

The Art Nouveau City Hall subway station is one of the city’s most underrated architectural gems. Although closed for nearly a century, there’s a trick to see this abandoned (yet perfectly preserved) station. Take the 6 train to Brooklyn Bridge station, its terminus in lower Manhattan. If you stay on the train, it loops around through the abandoned station on its way back to the uptown track.

Woolworth Building

Many others have since surpassed it, but when it was built in 1913, the Woolworth Building was the tallest in the world. Today, you can still appreciate it’s neo-gothic facade, then take a break in the lobby-level Birch Coffee.