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The Most Romantic Spots in New York City

Couples' Getaways at The Gotham Hotel

Plan your couple's getaway to Gotham to include some of the most romantic spots in New York City. Candle-lit dinners and couples’ massages are a dime-a-dozen, but New York City boasts some of the most unique romantic spots you won’t find anywhere else.

The Empire State Building – Iconic on its own with exhilarating views of New York City, the Empire State Building holds a place as one of the most romantic spots in NYC from its countless appearances in romance movies like Sleepless in Seattle and An Affair to Remember. The high views provide high drama for proposals or date nights where couples can be found cozying up to live jazz music on weekend nights. If An Affair to Remember was before your time, head downtown to the Brooklyn Bridge, the modern romance rendezvous spot made famous by Sex and The City.

Love Sculpture – Just a few blocks from The Gotham Hotel, the distinct Love Sculpture sits on the corner of 55th Street and Avenue of the Americas. A bright and quirky burst of color, the Love Sculpture is a perfect place to profess your love – and a perfect photo op!

Central Park Boathouse – Love on the lake is always romantic, but Central Park adds a special touch. Linger over cocktails at the boathouse bar before setting off on a secluded couples boat ride or classic Venetian gondola ride steered by a tour guide.

Times Square – Believe it or not, Times Square is a popular romantic spot in NYC. The red steps in Duffy Square and jumbo screens have been the backdrop for countless proposals and wedding photos. You can personalize your date night with a message on the big screen or just pucker up for a pose on the Times Square “kiss cam.”